Photo Gallery

Climbing and other Road trips

flatop-e.gif08/15/96 CO trip
My friend, Dave Sedlak, and I on top of the continental divide.
IMG008.gif11/2/96 WV trip Some shots of Bill Vosseller and I, at Cottie's Castle? WV. Senica Rocks,WV10/26/96 Seneca Trip Digital camara shots of one of my climbing partners, Bill Vosseller and me.
119.west.gif12/02/96 CO trip
shots of Jason, Lisa, the road, and my new place in Longmont, CO.
12/12/96 Sport Rock
shots of Bill, Jarek, Emily, myself and 2 employees (Jay and Mike).

7/97 trip to the Grand Teton National Park and Devil's Tower.


'95ish Tangiers Trips, including....
Abdul, our guide. I'll bet he never imagined himself on the web back in '95!


12/98 snowshoe in the Grand Teton National Park.


2/98 Ski trips to a local resort and the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. Complete with ski jump crazed coworkers and beer dogs.

Some Brinkmann Boys

The '98 Brinkmann float trip down the North Fork River in Sout West Missouri.

Dad and I

Dad's '98 visit to Colorado


Colorado's 14,000+ ft. Mountains There are 54 currently recognized peaks. Here are the ones I've been to and some statistics on all of them. Shown here is Mount Bierstadt and the ridge that connects it to Mount Evens.

Weddings and Such

Amy & Paul's Wedding
shots Amy and Paul's wedding. Has thumbnails, but still under construction.
Sarah & Carlos' Wedding
Just Pictures of the Higgs family at the reception, because I didn't know Carlos' family, and we couldn't take photo's in the church.


Believe it or not, I actally had long hair at one time. I think these are the only existing pictures of that phenomenon. This page only has about 102K of graphics on it, so I didn't make any thumbnails. What you see is what you get. Enter at your own risk! Some photos of Tim Jones and Tom Svietek (sp?) on some display missiles.

Work Related stuff

IMG014.JPGAug, 1996
BU trip
Some shots of the Terriers satellite in the BU Clean room.
The Longmont officeDEC, 2 1996
CO trip
Some Panned and pieced together shots of the Longmont office.

Herndon Telco Closet

I saved this jpg collage in 2 sizes. Take your pick depending on your bandwidth.

Large (451k) or Small (110k)

PAXIO board

This is what I did for the 1st 9 months of '97 - From Schematic to build to test.

gEEk at large
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