February 1998, Colorado

A couple of times I went skiing with a bunch of guys from Crosslink (my new employer). Here are two pictures of the wild one of the bunch. And one below with me showing off my new skis.


Dan Bowers gets some good air (4-6 feet at apogee, just a little after this photo was taken).


Dan the crazy man goes off another jump.


A quick day trip to East Portal in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, on my brandnew (used) Skis. Guiness, Dave & Lisa's dog came along for the hike. Check out Those Skis. They're Randonée or Alpine Touring (AT for short) skis. The heels pop loose like a cross-country ski for uphill travel, and lock down for downhills. Not a good thing for long flat hikes, but excellent for going all the way up a mountain and skiing back down! Also, check out the boots - plain old mountaineering boots (La Sportiva Makalus). A leather boot is not recommended since it doesn't give enough support, but it was just an easy day out, and as of this writing, I'm still trying to find the perfect pair of plastic boots. Oh yea, these ski bindings also accept most regular old alpine ski boots.

Note: All these photo's were taken with a disposable camera and scanned in from the negatives at the developers.

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