Tangiers, Morroco circa 1985

Tangiers was only about 2 hours away, while we were living in Spain. So when guests came to visit it was a chance to get them on another continent and see the 3rd world first hand.


A stand at the local market


Jimmi's Rug shop. The owner, Jimmi (not shown) could ramble off your zip and area codes, just by knowing the town you were from.


An overhead view of the main town square.


From the left: my sister Amy, my mom Muffi, Kirk White (not sure about the last name), my second cousin once removed, over a goldfish pond or whatever, and me startin' a totally bad rats tail. Hey, it was the 80's!


My best friend from high school, Adrian David Havill, came to visit us in Spain too. Here we are checking out some camels.


We finally decide to give the man some change to have hime let us take our pictures on the camels. A total tourist trap, but hey, where else you are you going to ride a camel and wear a Fez!.


This is Abdul, our guide. We think he had some sort of racket going too. He would always take us to the same places. We think the shops gave him kick backs to bring all the rich American tourists around to their shops.


Here are Abdul, David, and I relaxing after a great Morrocan meal, getting ready to watch the belly dancers.

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