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I am currently rather happily employed, but I've decided to keep my resume posted anyway. I figure you never know when you'll get the offer of a lifetime.

See Photos of me, friends, family, stuff I do at work. Basically it's the Photo Gallery that used to be roughly in this location.

Read the paperon TERRIERS ACS system that I helped write (a very small part of) for a presentation at the Workshop on Small Spacecraft Attitude Control for an AAS Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference.

Some Links

The 1997 VT Engineering CPU requrements:

Guiness Coaster Learn about Guinness beer and Widgets. Jump your butt on over to Dilbert and the gang.

The boys over at The LEGO® Group have been busy. Check out their legal disclaimers and their call for fairplay. Also check out their special "line for girls."

Friends and what not.

Terriers Home Page Check out the BU pages for everything from Eric Aamot and Rob Baltrum up at BU w/ the badness purple Terriers cargo box to close ups of the instruments and orbit details. (Much better pictures that I took w/ the disposable camera!)

*HETE, The High-Energy Transient Experiment. A project I worked on briefly. The tail end of MIT's CSR page has a lot of good space links too. The guys I worked for from 6/95-10/97. Includes a cool pic of the PA-X engine 50 second burn

Crosslink Inc. These are the guys I work for now

Pic of the digital camara I use.Kodak's DC40 camera A link to Kodak's onine info about the camera that I used to take most of the photo's in the gallery.

Sun Logo Just incase your wondering: Way back when I started this page, it was on a Spark 5, so I had the Sun logo (shown left) as the background. A while ago, I changed to a Linux server (my old 486), so I felt it was only appropriate to change the background.

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