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Microsoft offers a Word viewer, which you can download from one of the sites below. Unfortunately, all the links below are for a windows version, since I haven't been able to locate a Mac or UNIX version yet. For quickest downloading choose a site from a country near your own.

Germany wdvw9716.exe [2267 K] from
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Japan wdvw9716.exe [2267 K] from
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Note: If you get a screen of junk that shows up when you click on an ftp link above, it's probably because your browser does not know what to do with *.exe files. Try Holding down the mouse button (Mac Netscape) or pressing (one of) the other mouse buttons (UNIX, Windows Netscape) while the cursor is over the link, which should bring up a pop-up menu that will let you save the file on your computer ("save this link as..." option in Netscape). Also, the same goes for any of the resume files that show up in your browser as garbage. Sorry I don't know about the MS Internet explorer options, but there is only so much time in the day...

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