12/97 Wyoming

Some more of the Tetons, Jackson Hole, and Moose, WO during a quick trip with my cousin Alex Higgs about a week before Christmas. Basically we drove around all over Wyoming, went skiing in Jackson Hole, and took a snowshoe around Taggart Lake in the Tetons park.

Between Moose and Jackson.


Sunsets are always cool.


Between Moose and Jackson, at or very near the Elk refuge (on left)


That little dot in the thumbnail is Alex buried up to his chest in snow.


A pause in our snowshoe hike to look at the base of the Tetons. In the background are Taggart Lake and maybe the entrance to Garnet Canyon.


The Tetons were basically snowed in the whole time we were there. This is the same shot, except with me exchanged for Alex.


Alex doing some trail blazing. We took turns when we had lost the trail. Just too much fresh snow I guess. Good thing I brought the topo map along!


Me again, with Taggart lake in the background again (and maybe Garnet Canyon) I really should take better (ie some) notes.


Some where alon Interstate 80. BTW, this shot is much more impressive when you see it in person. Dig that bright winter sun fighting it's way through the clouds.

Note: All these photo's were taken with Sucia's camera, then scanned in with Sean Geiger's ScanJet 4P (at 600dpi?).

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