7/97 in the Grand Tetons National Park and Devil's Tower National Monument

A quote I found on the web - Admire the spectacular views of the incredibly beautiful and imposing Teton mountain range from the wide open spaces of the Jackson Hole valley. The sharply pointed Teton range, with no foothills to block the view, has featured as a backdrop in many western films, notably "Shane"

Grand Teton Panora

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On 2/25/98 I scanned in a topo map I have bought since the Teton trip.

Here is a view of most of the park.


Here is a closer view of the approach to the Grand Teton; complete with my guesses on where we camped.


The National Park Service has a great page on the Tetons, including a page full of pdf (Acrobat) files on trails, activities, etc, that seem to be electronic copies of the handouts you can get there. (photo from NPS page).


The hike up to Garnet Canyon, just before entering the canyon proper, which you can see the edge of, off to the left of the picture.


Our first campsite, in the "meadows" of Garnet Canyon. The background is praobably the saddle between Teepe Pillar (just south of the Grand Teton) and the Middle Teton.
Approximate Altitude: 9200-9600 ft


Mountain Man (me) near our second Campsite.


Our second campsite on a scree slope just below the saddle between Teepe Pillar and the Grand Teton, probably on the northern edge of Teepe Glacier. Approximate Altitude: 11,600-12,200 ft.


The view of the Antelope Flats and the Teeton National Forest in the background, from our 2nd campsite. In the lower right of the valley, you can make out the northern portion of Blacktail Butte.


Sucia clawing her way up Solar at Devil's Tower. Picture Courtesty of "I think I'll try to get out this $4.00 nut in the middle of the lighting storm" Jarek. BTW, you can barely make out me at the bottom, waiting to miss my turn (Got rained out).


Get a "Close encounter of the Climbing Kind" at Devil's Tower National Monument.

NPS Devil's Tower Home Page

NPS Devil's Tower Home Page Electronic Visitor's Center

NPS Devil's Tower Climbing Page, including route closures

NPS page on Kiowa Legend relating Devil's to the Pleiades.


Jenifer Hambley (AKA "climber babe friend" - see letter) and I at the summit, courtesy of "John and Dave from Minnesota"


Another shot of Jenifer Hambley and I at the summit, courtesy of "John and Dave from Minnesota"


"John and Dave from Minnesota" are just 2 guys we met on the way up that were cool enough to take our photo and mail it to us after they got it developed. Here is a GIF of the letter they sent w/ the photos.

Note: All these photo's were taken with Sucia's camera, then scanned in with Sean Geiger's ScanJet 4P (at 600dpi?).

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