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The requisit resume.

The photo gallery. Basic catagories are outdoor trips, weddings, and work related stuff. I suppose it's mostly an ego stroke page, but probably has 50% or better photos of other folks.

Rebecca Emerle's journey to China and Tibet.

Read the paperon TERRIERS ACS system that I helped write (a very small part of) for a presentation at the Workshop on Small Spacecraft Attitude Control for an AAS Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference.

Being a Virginia Tech Alumni, I find it interesting to keep track of their engineering department computer requirements as they change over the years, even though I hate all the junk mail I get.

School Year (Ending)Speed RAM Hard DrivePeripherals
1997 166 MHz32MB -
  • 8/16X CD-ROM reader
  • SoundBlaster compatible sound card
  • 5" S-VGA monitor
  • an Inkjet printer
1999 450 MHz64MB 6.4 GB
  • ethernet interface adapter
  • 15" SVGA display
  • 4 MB graphics memory
  • 32X Speed CD ROM Drive
  • and a Sound Card (Sound Blaster compatible) with speakers
  • Inkjet printer
2004 1000 MHz384 MB 20 GB
  • ethernet interface adapter
  • 56k Modem
  • 15" SVGA display (17" recommended)
  • DVD
  • CD-RW or ZIP 250
  • Multimedia capable (doesn't specifically list a sound card).
  • Inkjet or laser printer 4ppm or better
2006 1800 MHz1 GB 60 GB
  • Notebook or Tablet PC
  • 10/100 ethernet and 802.11g wireless
  • 56k V.90 Modem (no Winmodems)
  • USB 2.0
  • DVD/CD-RW (DVD+R or DVD-R optional)
  • CD-RW or ZIP 250
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2, using NTFS
  • There's an Apple Notebook Pilot program (hmmm.)

Some Links

Lastest Bookmark Update Perhaps one day this will be automated again...
Jarek Tuszynski's Home Page A fellow climber. Basically just a few photo's and some climbing links.

Terriers Home Page They used to have lots of pictures of Rob Baltrum (who is now out here in Boulder, working for Ball Aerospace), and Eric A. (still with AA), and the huge purple cargo box for shipping Terriers to BU.

*HETE, The High-Energy Transient Experiment. A project I worked on briefly. The tail end of MIT's CSR page had a lot of good space links too, don't know if it still does - I'm getting pretty lazy these days.

www.aeroastro.com The guys I worked for from 6/95-10/97. Too bad they took down the photo of the 50 second burn of the PA-X engine - It was pretty cool.

Crosslink Inc. The Guys I worked for from 1/98 to 11/00

I now work for Colorado Electronic Product Design.

Pic of the digital camara I use.Kodak's DC40 camera A link to Kodak's onine info about the camera that I used to take most of the early photo's in the gallery.

Sun Logo Just incase your wondering: Way back when I started this page, it was on a Spark 5, so I had the Sun logo (shown left) as the background. A while ago, I changed to a Linux server (my old 486), so I felt it was only appropriate to change the background.

Another update: The old 486 is still running Linux, but now it's slackware (not redhat). I suppose I really should have put on the LRP distro, but I already had the Slackware disks. I also suppose that since the web server isn't named charlotte anymore, the tittle of the page doesn't work as well. But Hey, I don't think most people ever knew that was originally all about. So, I'm just leaving the tittle alone.

So, Now the web page is hosted by cheaphostsonline.com, who I believe use Linux boxes, so I suppose the background is still appropriate. I got a pretty killer deal - $50/yr for 200MB of space. I don't think the deal is still running, but their rates are still pretty reasonable.

I still do most of my editing of the page in Vim. Most of my conding too, even though my main desktop machines (work and home) are windows. The OLE version is pretty cool - It'll take DDE messages so you can use it pretty seamlessly as an external editor from many compilers. There even a DLL for using with MSFT C++!

Email: Remove the "_junk" from the address listed below. Sorry to make you work harder, but I dislike spam as much as junkmail.


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