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Team Turkey Ten

We went to the 10th Mountain Hut just after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snow to ski. So, Tucker drove us most of the way in, with the Jeep.

In making the video for this trip, I learned another editing trick. iMovie has a rather limited range of volume adjustments, and it can be difficult to dial in the right amount of volume. So I found that I could more easily adjust the volume with Audacity (free, and cross platform). Basically, Audacity has an amplify effect, and once a portion of the audio is selected, it will automatically adjust the volume to something reasonable – I think based on the peak volume in the selection. So, by making selections of different portions of an audio clip, and applying the amplify effect, I can get reasonable volumes in a clip that has dramatically different volumes. Typically, I run into this problem when doing brief interviews, using the on-camera microphone, which causes my (interviewer) voice to be much louder than the interviewee voice.