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Missing Grandpa B

I was putting stuff away now that most of the work on the house is complete, and I ran across these glasses from grandpa Brinkmann. Much missed.


Oh, and for those who remember them, I got a couple of the pink diamond 50’s diner pint glasses too. One of these days when the Brown girls are over, I’ll have to see if I can talk them into a “Brown Cow” (root beer float, using chocolate ice cream).

Criminal Vacation


Overheard: “I’m tellin’ you man,  it’s criminal the work he does.” – the maintenance guys discussing the contractor’s workmanship. This was after they had already come to unclog the shower drain, and were now investigating a leak.

So far that has been the worst of it. Yay. Now, if I can sleep on the way home…

In total,  a nice relaxing vacation in Sint Maarten. Snorkeling, diving for Russ. Hiking, snorkeling, open water swim training for Becky. Kayaking and eating for both.

BIG thanks to the Browns for the room! Turned out to be a very affordable vacation.

Cleaning (the 4 year old version)


I should probably make a toolbox as the next project – so that when the 4 year olds in the neighborhood find the water spritzer, the tools will be protected from rusting, during the ensuing “cleaning” process.

Of course the flip side is that the bundle of energy then wanted to use the car washing fluid. 1 clean car the result. Becky had her windows down, otherwise it would have been 2 clean cars. Thanks Maddox!

Mile High



Watched a nice sunset from the nosebleed section at Mile High a couple weekends ago.