Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Proffesor


Someone put some nice tracks on the Professor this week.

Great day at the basin today. Felt great to get outside after being in bed all last weekend.

CES 2014-01-08

The Sony area was massive.




This was Nikon’s entry in that’s not a lense, THIS is a lense category.


Of Course there were even bigger ones…


And then there were new game controllers (mimics limbs).


Some cool looking speakers (my Norwegian woodworker is showing)


some cool robot kits from Moss Modular Robotics


Nice set of selectable lenses built into a phone case. Slide them around like an old slider puzzle, to put the desired one over the camera.


CES 2014

We got to go to CES this year.



The flight was delayed a bit because of the “polar vortex”. But on the upside I got to catch a time-lapse while waiting for the plane to arrive.

There were a lot of kickstarted companies/projects in our area. One I still need to checkout is the free walk thing, Virtuix Omni, in conjunction with the Oculus rift. I’ll have to get a better picture.


The booth behind us has one of the sweetest looking electric bikes I’ve seen.



Drytunes might be a bit pricey at $300-400 for what is essentially some speakers in a pelican case. But for a long raft trip, given the price of a raft, it might make a lot of sense (this one is for you Brian – I even got you a coozie with their logo).


Here is a time-lapse from the booth.