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Arms Race

This is a sad commentary on our society.

Apple decided to put a water detection strip in their products – presumably because of people dropping their devices in water, and then asking Apple to repair them for free. But now, you can buy replacement strips on Amazon.
From the product description: “If you accidentally damage your warranty sticker, you would lose your warranty even without noticing it. This item can help you with this awkwawrd situation.”

The benefits of buying local… or Thank You Wilderness Sports For Making Things Right


Broken Fritschi

Thanks so much to Frank and the guys at Wilderness Sports.

I just bought some Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Randonee Bindings at Wilderness Sports last week. I just got them back from mounting yesterday.

After about 4 hours of fast skiing without lift lines, I initiated a right hand turn and suddenly found myself without a ski. Fortunately I was most of the way down the run and ski patrol was already there with a snowmobile, for a snowboarder with a busted shoulder. Chris the patroller, was kind enough to give me a ride to the Ruby lift, where I was able to catch the gondola back down.

A few minutes down the road at Wilderness Sports I explained what happened and they were happy to send them back for warranty. However, after talking to Frank, who broke 3 of them last year, they gave me a new binding from store stock. 15 minutes later, I was out the door with a freshly mounted pair of bindings!

I can see why the binding broke. The toe piece is only held on by a 3/4″ square of plastic. I won’t be buying another pair until the design changes.

But thanks again to Wilderness Sports for making things right.

Now, to make a pot roast and wait for traffic to die down.