Monthly Archives: September 2013

Shame on you Kitchenaid/Whirlpool


You would think that the clock on a stove would be a ho hum experience. But this is the first time I’ve seen it in over a month.

Kitechenaid’s (now owned by Whirlpool) design did not include a seal for the membrane keypad. So after a few cleanings and some wet hand use, it finally shorted out. Wow, what a crap design.


Needless to say the new one has a seal courtesy of some silicon from the local home center.

Catan Box 2


This is possibly my favorite part of a project – where it actually starts to look like something,  instead of just sticks and planks.

Oh yea, and be careful what the 5yr old “washes”. Metal rusts if you don’t dry it off quickly.  I had to take some 400 grit sandpaper to a couple of chisels that I hadn’t noticed got “washed”. I was surprised how quickly they cleaned up. But I guess that was the point.


Tinga Poblana



From Rick Bayless’ “Authentic Mexican”. Attributed to Puebla’s Fonda Santa Clara restaurant. Surprisingly complex flavors. Reminded me of a Mexican version of a Hungarian stew.

Scoring 2 for 2 on the recipes from this book.  I am looking forward to the next one.