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Got some post M-day flowers for Becky about a week ago. The last couple of them finally bloomed.

Kids, Branch Sap

Last weekend, the neighbor’s 4yr old got curious about the workbench and all the tools, pulling them out one after another (usually the sharp ones) and immediately brandishing them against the bench.

Maddox's Vice

Maddox’s Vice

I did what I could to keep up, but by the time the other two boys showed up, and we started making swords, it started getting a little chaotic. Good times.

I’ve had some aspen drying out for several years now, most of which went into making the (sitting) bench a while back, but there were a few scrap branches (aka reaction wood) left over. Curious thing: apparently as the bark dehydrated and sunk in close to the branches, the sap started getting squeezed out, and then hardened into these orage whisker things.

Aspen Whiskers

Aspen Whiskers





1mm (minor gross warning)


Apparently, my thumnails grow by about 1mm per week, as can be seen by the separation of the scar on my skin from the gash in my nail. Both were from hatchet abuse last weekend, and were aligned perfectly at the time.

Expanding Glue


Thank you expanding glue for filling in for me.


Thank you Christopher Schwartz for pointing out that work benches work great as part of your clamping system, and not just as a surface for your drying project to rest upon. Maybe this weekend there will be time to fimish this saw vice.